Regardless of whether you currently work at another law firm and are looking for an opportunity to grow your practice elsewhere, or if you are in your final year of law school and looking for a first-year associate position, we welcome the opportunity to visit with you about Munsch Hardt and how it might align with your professional and personal goals. We constantly are looking to hire accomplished attorneys at various stages of their careers based on the specific needs of our offices and practices.

Our Firm’s Four Pillars: We are committed to growing our clients’ businesses, or firm and the careers of our attorneys and staff members. While our attorneys’ practices adapt to an ever-changing market, the four pillars of our firm remain unchanged:

  • Focus – Targeted analysis designed to influence business success.
  • Innovation – Creativity in the delivery of services to produce the greatest results.
  • Value – Delivery of unparalleled industry knowledge at a price point that makes sense.
  • Results – Achievement of outcomes that exceed expectations.


Our Culture:


  • Growers – Employees are ambitious, with a strong desire to advance their practices and the firm.
  • Unmatched Experience – Hire high-quality attorneys and administrative professionals that allow us to be creative in how we meet the needs of our clients.
  • Satisfaction & Loyalty – Included in the Dallas Morning News’ “Top 100 places to Work” list and benefit from a high percentage of employees who have spent their entire careers at the firm.
  • No Jerks Policy – Hire and retain people that treat others with respect and do not put their interests ahead of their colleagues or the firm.


  • Group Effort – We collaborate in all aspects of our work and share opportunities and successes. We do not work in silos.
  • Interdepartmental Support – Departments across the firm work together to find solutions and provide the tools our attorneys need
  • Internal Communications – Attorneys and staff members are kept informed of firm developments, ranging from recent attorney successes to management objectives and daily client receipts.
  • Collegial Atmosphere – Attorneys and staff members work together seamlessly to support clients in the best, most efficient manner possible.


  • Firm Support – Financially support organizations and initiatives of importance to our clients and attorneys.
  • Charitable Leadership – Employees serve in various leadership positions within local and national organizations.
  • Civic Leadership – Attorneys hold positions of public office.
  • Individual Involvement – Encourage employees to engage in public service and charitable endeavors. 


  • Our Clients Look Like Us – On the cutting edge of their industries, our clients range from start-up ventures to larger institutions with legal needs spanning the U.S. and abroad.
  • Client Types – We primarily represent commercial companies on any legal issue they face during the life cycle of their business. We do not typically handle personal injury law, family law, non-white collar criminal law, or estate planning.
  • Client Industries – Concentrated in nearly all industries, clients include financial services, energy, health care, construction, real estate, media, transportation, hospitality, insurance and retail.
  • Integrated – A significant portion of our clients utilize services from multiple practice areas, giving them a one-stop solution for all their legal and business needs.


Our Unique Value Proposition For You:

We Invest In YOU

  • We provide each attorney with their own personal business development budget.
  • We invest in professional development training sessions and the infrastructure of our firm.

We Are Transparent To YOU

  • We have associate representation at every Management Committee meeting.
  • We provide daily financial updates on the firm’s operations.

We Reward YOU

  • We provide financial incentives to cross-sell.
  • We offer a subjective compensation review process for all employees.

We Hear YOU

  • We have an open door policy.
  • We allow all employees to provide administrative input, with the opportunity to implement ideas across the firm.

We Connect YOU

  • We connect you to other lawyers and resources in the firm.
  • We connect you with our clients.

We Let You be YOU

  • We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We allow you to customize your practice and how you service clients.

Attorney Openings

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For additional information, please contact:

Shannon Athey
Director of Employee Relations & Recruiting
214.880.7626 - Dallas
512.391.6119 - Austin
214.978.5339 - Fax